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Love Vintage Fair Frolics

Friday the 15th March, and I race out of work to join my mother Sandra and vintage partner-in-crime Jill, who have everything in the car ready for a quick(ish) change into vintage out at the Horden Pavilion. I love these shows – whether I come away with one item or armfuls, there’s always a lot […]

What to Wear to a Party in West Egg

The Love Vintage Fair‘s first event in Sydney was this past 15 – 17 March, and of course I had no intention of missing it – unless I was out of the country I’ve attended every one since they started, and have had some absolutely wonderful finds. Dealers from other states come in with some […]

Enter the Nouveau Flapper

Hallo and welcome to the new blog! I thought it was time to move to a rather easier blogging platform – fond as I was of Jazz, Gin and the Cat’s Meow, I’ve been ready to move on to a new format. I’ve been spending a good deal of time in microblogging lately and thoroughly […]