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Enter the Nouveau Flapper

The barefoot bohemian flapper - courtesy of Nouveau Flapper Leigh, one of the New Zealand contingent

The barefoot bohemian flapper – courtesy of Nouveau Flapper Leigh, one of the New Zealand contingent

Hallo and welcome to the new blog! I thought it was time to move to a rather easier blogging platform – fond as I was of Jazz, Gin and the Cat’s Meow, I’ve been ready to move on to a new format. I’ve been spending a good deal of time in microblogging lately and thoroughly enjoy

the tumblr vintage community, but I  have missed the ability to write in more depth about the world of the 1920s and the contemporary Australian vintage scene – and there’s so much there to explore! So I’ll continue to share images through the Anything Goes tumblr,
and you’ll see more of the stories behind those fabulous photos, illustrations and objects here.

It’s been an exciting period for the Antipodean Nouveau Flappers – the Napier Art Deco Weekend was its usual fabulous self, and I look forward to uploading the story and photos of the people, vintage and location that combine to make it one of the most wonderful  vintage and Art Deco events in the world. We’ve also just had the Love Vintage Fair here in Sydney, which as always was a chance to hunt for treasure while catching up with lots of vintage community friends.

I’ll be making a move soon and will be staying with my darling friend Jill and her husband for a while as I save a deposit/hunt for my own apartment, so all that wonderful Art Deco will be on the road over here and the cocktail cabinet will be restored to its rightful home. Jill, as followers and friends might remember, is my vintage and Art Deco partner in crime – she’s the the one with the ideal 1920s figure, so I enjoy buying for her things I can’t wear myself! She’s already planning the Art Deco themed parties for when I move in.

I’ve also moved to a new job at the museum – more project and research/writing based, which of course delights me – I spent a lot of time last year after the publication of my book speaking to the media and lecturing on the Titanic and Belle Époque   fashion, and this move partly stems out of all that.

Anyway, enough about me…lets get back to the 1920s! There’s so much to talk about – everything from the joys of finding a Florence Walker hat to the wonderful world of celluloid dance purses. I’m planning on updating and expanding some of my earlier pieces on subjects like fringed dresses and wire wigs, and sharing some of the results of research in other areas. And as always, I love to hear from you with comments, corrections and questions.

Crank up the Charleston and grab a Sidecar from that passing waiter’s tray – it’s time to go back to where the band never winds down and the gin never goes warm, where you can roll your stockings down and kick your louis heels up!


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