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Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association (AAADA) Fair Sydney 2014

Art Deco at the Online Antiques stand

Sequin flapper dress at Coutura Vintage - no, not the one I bought!

Sequin flapper dress at Coutura Vintage – no, not the one I bought!

I’ll do the full write up after I’ve dropped by again, but just a head’s up that the AAADA Fair is on in Sydney this weekend. It might not be the first place you’d think of visiting to source your vintage clothing from, but two excellent dealers – Online Antiques and Coutura Vintage – are visiting, and they have racks of Victorian through to 70s vintage to look at (including some truly beautiful 1920s pieces). There’s also a great selection of accessories at the other stalls…beaded and mesh bags, celluloid Spanish combs, and of course spectacular Deco jewellery.

I suspect that some people are intimidated by the idea of an Antiques Fair on this scale, but it’s worth the price of admission along to see the art, furnishings and jewellery on display. If you get weary of the transfer printed china and dross that makes sifting through antique stores an eye-glazing, mind numbing drill, this is a very different way to experience antiquing. With every piece selected, and a great many different specialists represented, there is not only quality, there is tremendous variety. Also a great range of price points, from the exceptional fine arts that command commensurate prices to the little curiousities and bargains that make collecting and/or furnishing a home so much fun.

And yes – I did walk away with a spectacular, OTT flapper dress that I’ll be detailing in later posts and some other bits and bobs. Do get in to see it if you can…it is an extremely pleasant way to spend what promises to be a rather dismal rainy weekend!



27–31 August 2014

The Kensington Room, on the ground floor of the new Royal Randwick Grandstand, Royal Randwick Racecourse, Alison Road, Randwick NSW 2031.


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