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AAADA 2014 Revisited


Beaded Lanvin bag, 1910s-20s

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Sydney than by having one final pass at the AAADA Fair at Randwick? I wanted to pick up a couple of pieces I’d seen on Wednesday night, and the girls were keen for another browse. We expected it to be a bit quieter as the Fair wound down, but there was still a lot of activity out there. I was surprised that some of the pieces I thought would be snapped up – the Norman Lindsays, the wonderful Diana Art Deco sculpture, the excellently priced plaster Art Deco nude – were still there.

I was struck again by what an interesting and diverse selection of items were represented – mourning hair jewellery, miniature portraits, large modern canvases, 1950s hand bags, an amazing array of taxidermy at different stalls (I saw two different Victorian platypus display cases, not to mention two polar bear rugs), a fair representation of Asian art (although not the textiles, which I rather missed), some very interesting silver and a great period range in furniture, including some more modern pieces that certainly earned their place by virtue of interesting materials/construction, like the molded glass table near the entrance that had almost an organic feel to it.


Art Deco enameled pendant from Chilton’s Antiques, part of their fine Art Deco jewellery collection – from sterling silver to platinum pieces.

Lena at Coutura vintage seems to have had a very successful weekend – her display mannequins had changed ensembles, indicating that some of the flapper dresses were snapped up. I bought the interesting sequin and feather “bird” headpiece that was found with the 1920s dress we bought on Wednesday…not sure if they’re original to each other, as it struck me as an earlier piece (dress is second half of the decade and this has a more 1910s feel to me), but they were clearly put together at some point, and it was too interesting to leave.

The other buy was a Jeanne Lanvin purse/mirror bag – with an earlier label…possibly pre-1920s?

Visiting Dianne at Online Antiques (ArteDeco), she had a wonderful silver threaded netting hairpiece, set with rhinestones – a lovely little flappery number that we were delighted to buy.

So well-worth the return, and hopefully a strong showing for the dealers so we can look forward to another fair next year.


Accessories and decorative pieces for sale at ArteDeco


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