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Tremains Napier Art Deco Weekend 2015 (Part 1) – 17-19 Feb and the Party Begins!

I’ve been a bit haphazard about blogging the Art Deco Napier weekend since I moved to WordPress (well, let’s be honest…I’ve been a bit haphazard about blogging in general!). But as people I wasn’t aware followed it have been asking why I don’t do the write-ups anymore, I’ve decided to sort myself out and write […]

Napier Art Deco Weekend – Come and Have Tea!

Tomorrow it’s off to Napier for the annual Art Deco Weekend pilgrimage – after a weekend of ticking off lists and selecting accessories, we’re just about packed. I’m putting the finishing touches to my talk, one of two “How to Gatsby” events about 1920s-30s Styling. I’ll be doing the fashion and accessories side of it […]