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Napier Art Deco Weekend Sunday 22 February 2015 – A Grand Finale

It’s Sunday morning, 5.00 am. I’m aware of movement outside the door and Martin softly calling me that it’s time to rise and put the gazebo up – fortunately, I’ve had a grand total of about three hours sleep. This is Napier Art Deco time, and on Art Deco time, that’s a lie-in. I set […]

Neal Barr’s “Threads of Time” book and documentary

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a project – from the images that have been released, this work may well be the most definitive look at 1920s fashion that we’ve ever had or ever will have. The mannequin shots are exquisite and go beyond simply displaying the clothes (which they […]

Vintage mannequins – Models with Character

One of my favourite collecting areas is headpieces – the day and evening cloches, headdresses and bandeaux that are so much a part of the 1920s look. Unfortunately, without a mannequin head, displaying and photographing them has proved to be a challenge. I’ve taken awkward selfies of the back of my head to photograph evening […]

Tremains Art Deco Weekend 2015 – the Party Hits its Stride 20-21 February

A nice slow start on Friday again – everyone had various errands to run, and Iain and I wanted another look at the Antique Fair. After that, it was such a gorgeous day we decided on a wander down by the Marine Promenade. It was a dazzler of a day with clear blue skies and […]