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Return of the Love Vintage Fair


It’s back! Banner for the Vintage Clothing “Fair within a fair”

I don’t know how I missed the announcement late last year that Love Vintage was returning, but by mid-this week the word was out on social media that the Love Vintage Fairs – a much missed event on the Sydney Vintage Calendar – was coming back. Expertise Events and the Lindy Charm School for Girls were bringing them back in Sydney and Brisbane, albeit (initially at least) in a much reduced form as part of the vast Stitches and Craft Fair.

It was certainly much smaller – four or five booths – but as one of them was Coutura Vintage, one of my favourite vintage businesses, we were very happy to make the trip out to support the revival of the concept. As outlined on the Lindy Charm School website, it is hoped that after these initial baby steps the fairs will be returned to their former scope. Talking to Lena, she did mention that some of the buyers who visited her stall and picked up pieces were not part of the regular vintage set, but rather craft fair visitors who were drawn in by the beauty of the vintage pieces…so hopefully a few people may have been introduced to the idea of enjoying vintage.


The Coutura Vintage stall at the fair – a lot of lovely 1950s pieces, but also earlier and later vintage

As for us, we bought a couple of lovely 1920s-30s purses and Lena gave us a lovely reworked 1920s vintage dress to which some Edwardian dress embellishments had been added.


Vintage leather clutch purse we bought at Coutura Vintage. Enamel detail on front and chrome vanity pieces in the case.


1920s-30s clutch purse embroidered in a “jazz pattern” – a beautiful piece of Art Deco fashion


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