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Update on Neal Barr’s “Threads of Time” and the Accompanying Documentary


Last year I wrote about Threads of Time, Neal Barr’s upcoming two volume set of photographs that will bring to life the fashion of the 1920s, and the accompanying documentary. Exquisitely styled with a keen eye for the design ethos of the period, beautifully photographed on mannequins that evoke the period in every respect from hair styles to body language, the project has excited a lot of interest among fashion historians and 1920s aficionados (and just those who like beautiful photography).

Ethan Boehme, whose film will document the creation of this masterwork (and the story of one man’s passionate love for the fashion of the 1920s and desire to explore and recreate), has brought us an update on the project.

At this stage it is anticipated that the two volume set will go to print in mid-November, and will be accompanied by a text-based book by Neil Barr. Ethan and his team are pushing ahead to complete the documentary for release at the same time as the books, with the indiegogo campaign having enabled them to add important material to the film, so we can expect a lavish visual treat that will explore the story behind these remarkable, beautiful images and the man who made them possible.


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